At ease

(1994), 35 mm., 82 min.

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In Norse mythology, the oak and the ash are sacred trees, and are left to grow in peace. Anyone who cuts them down is condemned to live in perpetual darkness.

Liv is a girl who follows her own bent. She is fond of horses and fascinated by the magic of the myths. She has decided that the old oak on the family plot enshrines her paternal grandmother’s soul. Liv’s home with her parents, siblings and maternal grandmother is one of relative security. Her father is a forestryman, working with his horse and rafting logs down the river. But one day everything is turned topsy turvy. Timber-rafting comes to an end, and Father loses his livelihood. He is faced with the choice of selling the plot he inherited from his mother, or taking a job at the factory in town like everyone else who lives there. Liv is horrified when he decides to sell up, and fell the old oak tree. She initiates her own plan of action to safeguard Grandmother’s soul and save her father from everlasting darkness.



  • Anne Karin Huseby
  • Bjørn Sundquist
  • Frøydis Armand
  • Sessa Sidselrud


  • Dis Film v/ Mona J. Hoel
  • Nicole Beck – Co-Produsent


  • Hélène Berlin


  • Mona J. Hoel


  • Peter Mokrosinski