Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear unlimited was established by Mona J. Hoel during her photography studies at ”International center of photography/ ICP” New York, 1982-1986-on September 23, 1983.

The company’s main aim is to give audiences all over the world strong cinematic and emotional experiences. Tell stories that give hope, spread knowledge and inspire change and development of our society through personal storytelling- whether its a feature film-a documentary or a short film.

Feature films:

  • The Tundra Within Me-Eallogierdu, feature film 2023, Sami screenwriter, director Sara Margrethe Oskal, world premiere TIFF, Toronto International 2023
  • Night, featurefilm 89 premiere Tallin Black Nights film festival, competition, 2022
  • Are you leaving already? featurefilm, 82 min. Oslo Pix 2019, Gothenburg International Filmfestival, 2020.
  • Clorox, Ammonia and Coffee, 102 min. featurefilm, 2004
  • Main price Mannheim Heidelberg 2005

  • Cabin fever, Dogme nr. 19, 97 min. 2000
  • Nominated for Chrystal Globe Kalovy Vary 2001, Case study TIFF Toronto 2001

  • At ease, 87 min. 1995