Cabin fever

(2000), 97 min., 35 mm

Cabin feverSvein ScharffenbergFrom Cabin feverFrom Cabin feverFilm poster

Cabin fever is the first and only Norwegain dogma film, nr. 19 in the world count, a very strong and touching story, full of irony and black humour.

The film describes a family falling apart, during their christmas celebration in a cramped and cold cabin in the mountains far away from home. Mum, dad, four grown up children with their families, inlaws from Poland and a dog arrives to a particularly cold cabin  in one of the coldest days a year.  The situation grows extreme when they discover the parafinburner is leaking, one of the children have an astma attack, and the elder daughter is missing her x boyfriend and the father starts drinking heavily while the mother struggles immensly to maintain the immaculate family fasade. The feast has just begun. Merry christmas.

The film had great rewievs, and won the best film award from the magazine Night and Day, 2000, competing with titles like Elling. Svein Scharffenberg got the Amanda award for Best male actor in the film.

Cabin fever also participated in the maincompetition at the Karlovy Vary International filmfestival and was invited to Toronto Internasjonale Film Festival. The film has visited many prestigeous festivals, and will come out elleven year after the making on blue ray and dvd in the US and UK this year.



  • Robert Nordstrøm
  • Johannes Slåttelid (ass. kameraoperatør)
  • Peter Mokrosinski (ass. kameraoperatør)


  • Hélène Berlin


  • Ad Stoop
  • Lars Jameson


  • Freedom from Fear AS


  • Mona J. Hoel