The heartwarming caringcomedy ‘Are you leaving already?’ by screenwriter and director Mona J. Hoel had its world premiere at Gothenburg filmfestival this Thursday 30.1-2020. A cinema filled with love and laughter from enthusiastic audience and wonderful q&a after the screening. The film will premiere in Norwegian cinemas 17.4 and we’re very exited.

We are still in the process of financing Sara Margrethe Oskal’s feature film debut “The Siida keepers” and have received script support from ISFI, Nordnorsk Filmfund and NFI.

We produced Sara Margrethe Oskal’s second short film “Daughter of the sun” that was premiered at The International Film Festival Sydney in June, opening film at the NUUK International Film Festival in Greenland and competing at the ImagineNative filmfestival in Toronto. The film is sold to NRK, and is distributed through the V-Tape Canada, VoD platform and it won the shortfilmaward at the the Frankfurt book fair in September 2019.

Sara Margrethe Oskal is an actress theater/film director poet and screenwriter. She was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2017. Sara Margrethe Oskal has her own eyesight and interpretation of her culture.

In 2015, we produced her short film Guovssahas oaidna du / The Northern Light sees you / Aurora keeps an eye on you, who got her Norwegian premiere at TIFF, Tromsø Internasjosnle Filmfestival, Gothenburg International Filmfestival, Tampere International Filmfestival, and its international premiere at the ImagineNative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada and is now bought into FilmBib, the NFI National Distribution channel, it is distributed through V-Tape Canada and Sami Filminstitutt VOD.

Mona J. Hoel wrote the manuscript for the feature film NIGHT filmed in June of the same year with Guri Glans, Henrik Rafaelsen and Jørgen Langhelle in the lead role. The film is about neurologist and mother-in-law Emma who suddenly gets a message that turns her life on her head. We follow her in the quest to stop her ex-husband from taking over responsibility for the children. The film is in edit aiming for a premiere at the Oslo Pix. If we don’t make the deadline we’ll screen ‘work in progress’.

The short film “One last try’ beautifully interpreted by actress Kjersti Holmen is now available on the Norwegian library platform FILMBIB. The film was nominated for the short film price at the Grimstad shortfilmfestival June 2018, where it participated in the competition.

Our two documentary projects “Haydn stuck on my mind” and “The real time music tale” are in the pre production, getting ready for distribution.

2012 Freedom from fear has now completed the documentary film NORWAY LONG for Norway’s Sports Federation sold and shown at NRK.

Mona J. Hoel followed Per Christian Brunsvik, paralized from hip and down after a Freestyle accident, and Steinar Andreassen Jensen, born with Cerabral Parese, Arne Fagerlie, Stig Andreassen and Rita Andersen on handbikes from Lindesnes to Nordkapp. The journey started 24 / 4-2011 and ended as planned 30/6. The music is by Mari Boine, and Mona J. Hoel has had photo and sound.

After her stay in Sunnås rehab clinic, Mona J. Hoel has had his own perspective on being handicapped and is currently working on the second documentary for the Sunnå Foundation. One is a documentation of a stay at Hurdal where patients learn to drive sitski. It is on youtube;

We are now on target with PUSTEROM, a documentary about the art project at Sunnås Hospital, initiated by their employees painter and ceramist Ellen Frøysa.

Mona J. Hoel is currently developing her series “The ten forced commandments.”

In the movies, Mona J. Hoel exposes each of the ten archetypes that have a great recognition factor in all of us, because one of the ten Lutheran commandments turned upside-down. She wants to prove that the commandments influence us the way bad upbringing does, make the individual deprive responsibility for their own actions, and almost encourages them to oppose to them.

The Iron horse has been in storage since March 2008 and has now recovered. We’ve just about to pick it back up and make sure it finds it s audience within the next three years.

“Cabin fever” and screenwriter and director Mona J. Hoel was invited to the prestigious Polish festival in the beautiful Kazimierz village 2012, along with the guest of honour Zbigniew Zamachowski. “Cabin fever” was screened after the Dardenne brothers new film “The red bike”. Zbigniew Zamachowski played in Kieslowski his movie WHITE, and played the husband of LIV, in Mona J. Hoel’s dogma No. 19, beautifully interpreted by Gørild Mauseth. Kari Simonsen who played the mother of Life, harvested ÆresAmanda for his role, Svein Scharrffenberg received Amanda for best male lead role as the alcoholic dad.

In addition, Bjarte Hjelpemland, Geir Kvarme, Turid Gunnes, Benedikte Lindbeck, Jerzy Novak, Wiesvava Mazurkiewich, were included in the cast.

Mona J. Hoel has made a series of exciting short films. Including the music video VUOLLGE MU MILEDE BASSIVARRAI / BECOME ME TO THE HELLIGE FJELL, BY MARI BOINE;

Now the two teams have another music film together for the song VUOI VUOI MU by Mari Boine;

Mona and Mari started their collaboration in 1991 when Mari Boine made one of the music tracks in the award-winning documentary SKJÖNHETEN OR UDYRET, depicting forest work with horse against today’s mechanical operations with Tor Anders and Dag Tore Syvertsen from Flisa, who still thrive with a case and drive thrown out with horse. Arvo Pärt and Manfred Eicher gave after watching the film, the company uses Tabula Rasa composer at a cheap money since the film is a low-budget production.

In 1998, Mona J. Hoel was invited by Ernst Billgren to participate in one of his fun projects “The Art of Exposing a Film Recording” an exhibition in his direction presented by Jan Blomgren at Färgfabriken Stockholm. Ernst Billgren wrote scripts and iinvited film teams in to film his shortfilms in his art installation. The different props were painted onto the walls and each of the ten directors made their short films. Mona J Hoel’s movie had the title KITCHEN and featured Pernilla August, Johan Rabeaus and Peter Whalbeck.

Occasionally, they had 100 audiences sitting on chairs like in a large art museum and watched while they were recording and editing the movie. It was a wonderful experiment and became a movie full of power and energy.

Mona J. Hoel has always been concerned with everyday heroes and being a fellow human being. In the fall of 2009, she went into dialogue with Elsa Lystad and together they developed a project still in the casting “SO YOU BELIEVED I WAS TO DIE YOU”, a kind of testament of two life’s living women with strong stories, taken up in a black box. Now, lately, there has been a great deal of disease after a floppy bite and neuropathy in the central nervous system that beat Mona J. Hoel all the way back, but she is back, has all the feeling lost in her legs, and now she pumps her life back into the project. Currently taking extraordinary footage needed to make this a popular movie document and a theater show.

To be paralysed after getting the BMT virus/Lyme disease in Ullevål neurology department, highly medicated, paralysed without feeling in the legs, waking up suddenly in the middle of the night as she turned to change position, having to move the legs that were two heavy lumps, was horrifying.  Probably the darkest chapter in her life until now. In this panic, and in the big quadruple room, where four women were gathered under different circumstances, a new film idea was born.  A project that will increase competence and change attitudes related to health care.